Once ya cake pop, ya don’t stop

It’s that time of year to dig out and pull on every last crinkled piece of green clothing and string of mardis gras beads!

St. Patrick’s Day, also known as the “Feast of Saint Patrick,” is a time to celebrate all things Irish. After filling up on soda bread, corned beef and cabbage, what pairs better with your bright green libations than a happy little pot o’ gold cake pop?!

That’s what I thought.

These bite-sized treasures are filled with devil’s food cake and vanilla buttercream, dipped in silky milk chocolate, and topped with golden sugar crystals and sweet n sour rainbow candies.

St Patricks Day 2

Before making a batch of my own, I never quite understood the cake pop. Why go through the trouble of baking a cake, crumpling it up, mixing it with frosting, putting it on a stick and then dipping it in chocolate?

Because cake pops travel so well.

Because cake pops are covered in chocolate.


If I have convinced you to bite the chocolate bullet and make some cake pops, here are some helpful hints for when you do so:

1. After breaking up your cake into crumbs, mix in only a tablespoon of frosting at a time. You will not need nearly as much frosting to make cake pops as you would to frost a normal cake. You only need enough frosting to get the crumbs to stick together when you roll them into a ball. The consistency should not be overly gooey and sticky (does anybody else hate the word “moist”… because it’s rather difficult to avoid using it in cake-speak.), or else your cake pops will be very mushy.

2. Dip your cake pop sticks into your chocolate of choice and freeze until hard (~10 minutes) before sticking on the cake ball. After your little balls of cake all have little stick homes, freeze again for ~20 minutes before dipping into chocolate. This will keep your cake ball on the stick- not fallen into their jacuzzi of dipping chocolate!

3. After dipping your cake pops into their chocolate demise, stick them in styrofoam to dry to preserve their round shape. Or, for these little pots o’ gold, stick ’em face down on wax paper!

4. Give them away as soon as possible. Because you will eat them all. (And beach season is upon us.)


One thought on “Once ya cake pop, ya don’t stop

  1. While looks can sometimes be deceiving I think your pops are most probably a culinary smash of appearance(can see that) and taste(sadly deprived from devouring a mini treasure)- and wish I was in the east to sample. Alas, must celebrate St Patty’s with a less-festive and deprived dinner-sans crowning glory!!! Best to all Hartford folk and M. Henri.

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