To Pebbles, With Love


It seems like pugs are everywhere lately, probably because these flat-faced little cuties are hard not to adore. Given my reputation as a pug-fanatic, it is no surprise that when my little diamond sister (HAI COURTNEY!) sent me this pug cookie cutter last week, I had to break it in right away. All I did was whip up some royal icing, add some candy pearls and voila!


I tried to make a few cookies with fondant details but I liked how the frosted ones came out more. Plus, frosting taste so much better than fondant.

While I was making these cookies I just couldn’t help but think of my dearly departed pug, Pebbles, also known as Peebz, Pebby, Pebbly Poo, Pebbles Chewy Muffin O’Mountain, and Pebbo.

ImagePebbles enjoyed life’s simple pleasures. She liked to sit on peoples’ feet and lick their faces.

She was smelly, lazy and sometimes pooped where she wasn’t supposed to, but when she snorted those sweet nothings into your ear, you just couldn’t help but fall deeper in love with her. She was sweet, patient and loved (err I think) to dress up. Did I mention she was patient?


She could make even the most stoic of people smile upon seeing her her perfectly flat profile trotting down the street.


Behind that wrinkled and roll-laden exterior was the heart of a dear friend and family member.




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