Happy Birthday, Dad!


This weekend my siblings and I celebrated our father’s birthday! I set out to make a cake that would both outdo the fish cake I made him a few years ago and reflect his love of the ocean and his boat to celebrate. To begin, my sister and I made these blue ombre ruffles out of four different shades of azure blue fondant to resemble waves.


The plan was to make a cake topper that looked just like his boat. But when it came out like this, we quickly changed our minds:


Yeah. Not cute. Instead of using our sad excuse for a boat on our beautiful ruffled cake, I cut out a circle of fondant and pressed letters into it, using edible gold shimmer dust to make the words stand out. Gold and blue is pretty nautical, right? Another cake, another lesson- flexibility is key!


As my dad was watching us assemble the cake, I could tell he was questioning the ruffles- they were un peu feminine, I will give him that- but I think the end result is fitting for either a birthday boy or a birthday girl. It was the perfect dessert for his birthday celebration at the beach!


Happy birthday, Dad! Thanks for sitting through all of those Backstreet Boys concerts back in the day.


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