And On the 3rd Day, My Cupcakes Rose Again

IMG_6560Happy Easter! My sister and I made these Easter egg cupcakes and Easter Bunny carrot cake last year while visiting my family in Denver. They were the belles of the Easter ball and everybody was dying to know how we got the cupcakes inside the eggshells!


That’s right- these puppies were BAKED INTO our Easter eggs, leaving their vanilla and chocolatey fudge cake goodness perfectly moist and delicious. This was a bit of a process but the outcome is totally worth it. Just be aware that if you don’t prep correctly, your cupcakes will taste like egg. Ew. So pay attention:

First we took regular eggs and dyed them. We made sure the color was extra dark and vibrant.


Next, we cracked little holes in the colored eggs to empty out the contents. You want to make that all of the contents of the egg shells are completely empty! We rinsed our eggs out and let them sit in a saltwater solution for about an hour to make sure they were all cleaned. This process may take away some of the color on your eggs, which is why it is important to leave your eggs in the colored solution for a bit longer than usual!

After our eggs were cleaned and dry, we carefully poured our cupcake batter 1/3 of the way full. I started filling them up halfway and quickly realized that there isn’t much room in that little eggshell for the cake to rise, so I reduced the amount later on. It was easy to tell which eggshells were too full because the cake kinda oozed out, which made it a lot less pretty, but the quick fix was to just trim the excess! These cupcakes can be difficult to tell when they are done- make sure to keep sticking a toothpick in them to make sure you don’t keep them in for too long.


Some of you frosting lovers may be like wtfbbqkittens, these Easter egg cupcakes leave no room for frosting! Well, we thought of all you frosting fiends when we made the cake with chocolate fudge on the inside which ended up being the perfect substitute.

The cupcakes came out so freaking cute. We decided to peel the shell about a third of the way down so that everybody knew that they were cupcakes.

Any Easter party-goer will be DAZZLED by these cupcake eggs- I highly recommend!


In case any party goers didn’t want to peel an eggshell to enjoy delicious cake, my sister and I also made this Easter Bunny carrot cake. Since we were at my aunt’s house in Denver and all my baking things were back in Boston, we had to be creative with our design. All we had were a few regular cupcakes and a circle cake pan, so we made this bunny butt cake. (Yes, I realize that this is the second butt cake I have featured on my blog- and I assure you it won’t be my last.)


First we took the circular carrot cake and plopped it down and placed two cupcake halves on one side for the little bunny’s feet. We used white chocolate melts to make the bunny ears and a mini cupcake to be his tail.

He came out pretty cute and was a festive alternative to the Easter egg cupcakes. The little kids especially loved the little cotton tail!



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