He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

andrew 6

Pretty much anybody I’ve talked to for more than five minutes knows how completely and utterly obsessed I am with my little brother. It sounds creepy because it is. My sweet little angel bro-ha (did I mention that he’s 17 now? …Oops.) can do absolutely no wrong in my eyes. This is a fact that he both takes advantage of (when he wants something from me) and absolutely hates (when his friends come over and I embarrass him). For those reasons and probably many more, I have been banished from his Facebook and ever so callously placed onto his Limited Profile list, never to see a wall post by an emotionally unstable teen girl again!

But alas, I digress. This post is supposed to be about his birthday cake. Not to mention he’ll probably take drastic action if I continue on about him and maybe even de-friend me GASP!

SO, now that everybody is caught up on my over-sistering ways, you could probably guess that I wanted to make him a really special birthday cake. Andrew is a music fanatic and an extremely talented guitar player- third parties have confirmed this, so this is not just my rose-colored glasses speaking-  so I knew it had to be something music related. I wanted to do something a little more unique than a guitar cake and since he’s obsessed with his record player I thought it would be cool to make him a record player cake!


First, I took two 13 x 9 in cakes and covered them with a thick coat of chocolate frosting.


Next, I rolled out some fondant and colored it brown, leaving in some streaks of gel coloring to get a wood grain effect. After covering the cake, I made a gold trim with yellow fondant to make it look a little older and fancier- only the best for my brother, of course.

andrew cake 1

I used a bowl to get a perfectly round shape for the record and used measuring cups to make some imprints to give it some more texture. I made the speakers, needle, and knobs with black fondant as well.


Lastly, I used a dry paint brush to apply edible gold dust to give the yellow fixtures some shine. I did this part last because I was worried if I did it sooner, the glitter would blow all over the entire cake.

andrew 3


Andrew was happy with his cake. At least I think he was… teenage boys don’t really say a whole lot. I was thrilled to spend Andrew’s birthday with him though I can’t say the same for him. Unrequited sibling love is the toughest kind of love. If you have a younger sibling who doesn’t appreciate excessive coddling, you have probably experienced this unique anguish before.

Anyways, here are some pictures to help you understand the level of cuteness I grew up with:


Those cheeks!photoThat little button nose! That smile! I just can’t even.

Can you blame me?!


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