I Heart NYCake


Today we celebrated my good friend Nick’s 22nd birthday with this New York City cake. Nick has been friends with my roommate Kenna since they were just babes and he has been to visit us in Boston many times. This year she wanted to surprise him with a party- and of course a beautiful cake! Nick loves the city and spends a lot of time there, so it was only fitting that his cake reflect his love for the big apple.


This lemon sponge cake (a nice diversion from the typical chocolate and vanilla) has some trademark NYC details that make it really fun. Thankfully I had some help (holla, Isabelle and Mike) with these adorable marzipan taxis and street signs or else it would have taken a lot longer than it did! I piped the famed city skyline with black and white buttercream over a thick layer of shimmery dark blue frosting. It was a really cool way to frame the bottom layer of the cake.


Nick was so surprised and really enjoyed the party and his NYCake in all of its lemon-y goodness.

Happy birthday, Nick!


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