Puissance de Fleur


Spring has sprung!…or at least it has in my kitchen. While the east coast may still be a bit chilly, this blue and white ombre rosette cake is reminiscent of the sunshine and flowers in bloom to come.

I made this cake for my sorority sisters to congratulate our newest members on initiation day! I used Alpha Delta Pi’s colors and I am so pleased with how the ombre came out! To get the ombre effect, I separated the batter into four different bowls. I started with the deepest shade of blue and worked my way to white. I did the same for the frosting making sure to match to color of the batter with the frosting to make the ombre effect continuous when the cake was cut into.

ImageI covered the cake in rosettes with a Wilton 1M star tip. It was super quick and ensured that each bite included a ton of homemade frosting!



Next up was my mother’s birthday! I wanted to make her cupcakes look like a big bunch of hydrangeas in her favorite colors. I used the same star tip as the rosettes (Wilton 1M) and mixed together different hues of blue, purple and white.


I filled my piping bag with the different shades all together- making sure not to pre-mix them so that the colors only mixed together as they piped onto the cupcake. I think this technique was helpful in giving the petals a depth of color that looked pretty realistic (if I do say so myself).

I used toothpicks and florist foam to secure the hydrangea cupcakes in a bunch within a little pail. In the future I will use a more flat formation as the frosting was too heavy to keep the cupcakes so far sideways- hence the blurry picture as my little creations were falling all over the place!


These goodies certainly got me looking forward to spring more than I was already (if that was even possible) and are the perfect addition to any springtime birthday or event!


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