Super Bowl Funday


Super Bowl Sunday: or, another excuse for my beloved “kegs and eggs” get-togethers. While I can’t say I follow football religiously (or any sport, if we’re being real), I will say, however, that I use any excuse to bake in theme.

This year I made these little field goal and football cupcakes. I piped the field goals and footballs with chocolate melts. The “turf” is coconut that I dyed with food coloring. They were extremely easy and quick to make!


…Unlike last year’s Super Bowl cake which was a tad more involved. I made this cake for a fraternity on campus (dare I say my favorite fraternity) and between the decals and the face masks on the helmets, it took quite a while. Luckily, I had some expert help from my friend Isabelle. The helmets are made of cake covered in marzipan and the details are piped frosting and marzipan.


Happy Super Bowl, friends! …But more importantly, Happy Beyonce Bowl!


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