The Greatest Christmas Cookies You Will Ever Make

These Santa cookies have marked the beginning of the Christmas season at our house for as long as I can remember. Whenever my mother would bring out her coveted Santa cookie mold (“you can’t find it anywhere these days!”), I knew it was time to break out the Christmas List. These cookies are festive, fun and such a joy to make! You’ll definitely want some help making them, and luckily there are plenty of jobs to go around for eager little hands if you have children to entertain. A batch of these are the perfect “thank you” for a holiday party host and individually wrapped they make adorable party favors! You seriously cannot go wrong with these cookies.

Starting out with a good sugar cookie recipe that won’t rise too much during the baking process, I rolled out the dough using the countertop as my workspace. I left the dough in the refrigerator overnight so that it would be nice and chilled. A cooled dough won’t stick as much to your counter and more importantly, your cookie mold. Even so, make sure to put down enough flour! Next, I took my mom’s floured-up Santa cookie mold and went to work.

ImageIt’s important to push down the dough into the cookie mold so that you have the best impression possible. The outlines serve as your guide for decorating, so the more defined, the better!


While I was cutting out all of the Santa faces, my dear friend Alexis was busy creating the eyes. She did so by cutting a raisin diagonally across to create a “smiley eye” shape. After all, we don’t want any mean-muggin’ Santa Clauses. After she cut the raisins up, we placed them right onto the cookies like so:


So many happy Santas! Next, they all went into the oven and came out looking jollier than ever.

ImageWonderful. After letting the cookies cool completely, I took one egg white and added a few drops of red food coloring. I brushed Santa’s cheeks with the dyed egg whites and immediately pressed on some red colored sugar. The bright red cheeks can look a little abrasive at first. It’s like, Santa, tone it down with the blush! But trust me, his wind-burned cheeks will look adorable by the end of the process.


I used the same egg white and sugar dipping process for his hat. You can use a clean, dry paintbrush to wipe away any stray sugar granules- we don’t want Santa looking like he has redeye! Or a bad case of pink eye. Because that would be gross and Santa doesn’t deserve that.

Next up: the coconut beard. We made a quick frosting a la Paula Dean (pre-diet, of course) of butter, confectioners sugar, granulated sugar and a teensy bit of milk. This acts as a “paste” for the beard and keeps all of the coconut in tact. It also tastes so. freaking. good.


And oh no, my friends, we weren’t done there. Who is Santa without those big, bushy, unkempt eyebrows? (Luckily for him, thick brows are so in this season. Lily Collins, I am absolutely looking at you.) Using a white frosting with a very fine tip, I piped on his brows and the pompom of his hat.

And there we have it; the cutest Santa cookies you have ever seen in your entire life.

Again, this is a very long process and unless you have a few extra hands to help you out, it would be wise to break up the baking and decorating over a few days. While time-consuming, they are so worth the sweet payoff! I hope this puts me on the Nice List because I could really use a new pair of Tory Burch flats.

…Santa, can you hear me? (That means you, Dad.)


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