Sistah, Sistah

Today’s post is dedicated to my lovely big sister, Emma. Or as I like to call her, Erma.

She’s sweet! She’s sassy! And she just turned 25! To celebrate her turning a quarter-of-a-century last month, like the best little sister in the entire world that I am, I made her one of my most intricate cakes yet. She has always loved elephants and Indian culture, so this elephant cake (hint: the trunks make a “25”. So cute, AMIRIGHT?) was perfect for her!


This four-layer cake is covered in marzipan with buttercream piping details. The elephants are also made of marzipan with silver-colored sugar sprinkled on top to add a little pizzaz.


Emma loved her cake and brought the leftovers from her celebration into work the next day. Her coworkers were so impressed, she asked me to make the cake for her boss’s upcoming office surprise party. He is getting married in two weeks and they wanted to do something special to celebrate!

Now, this was fun. Not that it wasn’t fun making my other cakes, but like any other girl with a Pinterest, I’ve seen so many wedding-themed cakes that I couldn’t wait to make something of my own! Emma baked a regular 9×13 in cake and some cupcakes (she is a terrific baker) and brought them over. We wanted to keep the design as masculine as possible while still keeping within the wedding theme, so we decided on a tuxedo cake and accent cupcakes.


On this occasion I used fondant and it was extremely easy to work with. We made little fondant top hats, bow ties, and miniature tuxes for cupcake toppers.



I used little sugar pearls to add a bit more detail. I’m so happy with the way these turned out. I hope my sister’s boss enjoys eating them as much as I did making them, and I wish him a very happy wedding!

Erma, thank you for all of your help baking and decorating! I dedicate the following embarrassing pictures to you. Stay fabulous.

ImageI’m sorry, Kardashians who?


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