The HeineCake


My friend Zach was the last of our friends to turn 21, and his girlfriend, Alexis, (who also happens to be my BIFFLE) wanted to do something really special for him. So, she enlisted my help and together we tried to decide what kind of confection he’d enjoy most. There was a little bit of pressure on us to make something spectacular, as it seemed like we had all been waiting forever for Zach to turn 21- he’d finally be able to come out with us in Boston! We finally decided on making a “case” of his favorite beer, and thus, the HeineCake was born.

Alexis baked four cakes which we then layered with maybe 8 tubs of frosting. We covered the entire thing in rolled marzipan and I piped on the lettering. Then, I cut four holes into the top cake so that it could actually support 4 full bottles of beer! It was huge.


We were so proud of ourselves for making a fun and functional cake- he could enjoy his first beer ever (!!!) from his own cake! It was big! It was beautiful! It was innovative! But soon, one huge problem arose: the beer bottles were a little too heavy and were breaking the cake apart. HORRORS!

And then I got this bright idea…


Voila! I emptied the four beer bottles (responsibly, of course) and glued some birthday candles into the open mouths. The empty bottles were much lighter than the full ones (duh) so that the cake stayed in tact the whole night. The candles looked fantastic when they were all lit up, if I do say so myself!

Zach had a great birthday and enough cake to last him for weeks. Literally… it took him and his roommates two weeks to eat it all! A special thank you is deserved to Alexis for being my right-hand decorating woman– merci beaucoup!


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