Would You Like Some Cheese With That Wine?

One of the best things about creating cakes for friends and family is that I can customize them anyway I want. I can incorporate the person’s favorite colors, things and flavors all into one beautiful cake! Cupcakes are especially great as each cupcake can take on its own little theme. Here, I used cupcakes to create a wine and cheese picnic scene!

I made these wine and cheese themed cupcakes for my boss from my internship last summer. Instead of using fondant to create the cupcake toppers, I used marzipan which is an almond dough. Some people just really don’t like the way that fondant tastes (and I gotta say, I’m one of them!), so marzipan is a great alternative. Just make sure to let everybody in your party know you used marzipan in case of nut allergies!

These cupcakes were a great way to show my boss how much I appreciated all of her patience in teaching me the ropes. She loved that I included all of her favorite things in her celebration- wine, cheese and chocolate. Now that’s my kinda lady!


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