THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is John Mayer’s website featuring a cake that I, Kelsey Labrot, decorated. 

This is a big deal for two reasons: 1.) I wanted to win his cake decorating contest so I could win backstage passes because 2.) I am irrationally obsessed with all things John Mayer and this meant that he valued something I created for him at some level.

This cake was inspired by the sweater John Mayer wore on the Ellen Degeneres show (you can watch a clip here: that received some negative attention. I personally would have looooved to wake up on Christmas morning with him sitting under the tree wearing that sweater but I guess some people just weren’t diggin’ the duds.

Since the episode aired in the midst of John’s holiday cake decorating contest, I thought I would replicate his Ralph Lauren fashion faux-pas in cake form! Clearly I wasn’t the only one with this idea as there were some similar submissions (and I didn’t win the competition) but I received an honorable mention and that was enough for me. JOHN MAYER. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!

Here’s a closer look:


2 thoughts on “JOHN MAYER, I LOVE YOUR WORK!

  1. As someone who is also unhealthily obsessed with John Mayer, I was also a finalist in his cake-baking competition and did not win. WOMP. He even accused me of photo-shopping and I had to make a youtube video to get him to believe that I didn’t photoshop. Did I go a little overboard? Perhaps.

    Great cakes!

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