I Like Big Butt Cakes And I Cannot Lie


There is a GREAT story behind this birthday cake I created for one of my best friends, Kenna, last October. You’ll have to ask her for the details, but I will tell you that it all began with this hilarious pair of panties. The quirky underwear quickly became the butt of every joke (so punny!!) between our friends. I thought, what better way to immortalize this joke than with her 21st birthday cake? It was one of those “I had to” moments.

I created the funfetti buns using two 9 inch round pans and binding them with hot pink marzipan to create what I have dubbed, ‘marzipanties.’

If you feel sorry that I actually gave her a butt cake, fear not, for I made up for it this year. This October I made Kenna’s birthday cake using the same 9 in rounds to create four layers of hot pink deliciousness to ring in her 22nd.


I used her favorite colors in my design and included a chevron pattern in marzipan on the sides. Since monograms are so in right now, I piped out her first initial in buttercream to give it a similar look. The candy pearls added an elegant detail to this classy cake that everybody enjoyed!


Kenna’s cake even matched her dress!

Moral of the story: not every confection has to be super seriously beautiful and elegant. It’s more fun when there is a story behind the cake!


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