How I Got Started: Fondness of Fondant


BEHOLD the sepia-tinted beauty that is my first-ever experience with fondant! This little cutie of a cake was the very beginning of my cake decorating obsession. Little did I know then that these little fondant flowers would turn into a hobby that would soon consume hours of time, concentration and pure, unadulterated spoon-licking bliss.

How did this all come about, you ask? I spent the summer before my first year of college the right way: on the couch watching hours and hours of Bravo and TLC reruns. Somewhere in the mix of reality and home improvement shows, inspiration struck me: while I couldn’t relate to the bored housewives and I knew there was no way that I could execute a redesign of my home on my own, I could bake a la Ace of Cakes. It looked simple enough; Duff and his crew got to wear whatever they want to work, use a Play-Doh-like substance to create fun designs, and best of all, they could EAT IT ALL. Surely I would have to give this cake decorating a go. While it is definitely not as easy as the professionals on TV make it look, I started to decorate cakes for my family and friends and their joyous reactions were enough to make it full-fledged hobby. The best part about it all is how people freak. out. when they see the cake I’ve made them.

Usually when I surprise a friend or family member with a cake (that I’ve TOILED OVER FOR HOURS) the following transaction occurs:


Why yes. Yes, I did.

“But HOW?”

With fondant. And lots of it.


Why yes. Yes, you can!

And suddenly, my aching back and food coloring-stained fingers all become worth it, just for that reaction. So, here I am, four years and a few cakes later and my skills have (I hope) improved a lot. And it all started with a little piece of fondant. I hope this blog will provide you with some extra inspiration and helpful tips on how to make all of your celebrations, whatever they may be, the most deliciously creative they can be!


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