Fondant? …More like FUN-dant!

Celebrating the artist in your life

Please excuse my awful attempt at cake humor. What I’m trying to say is that fondant need not only be restricted to flowers! I made these birthday cupcakes for my mom’s boyfriend, Rob. Rob is an extremely talented artist and art teacher, so I figured this cupcake palette would be fitting! In order to make for a truly edible experience, I put these “paint blob” cupcakes on a painter’s palette made of fondant. To make the palette, I simply rolled out some fondant and cut into the palette shape. Using a clean brush dipped in water, I painted the fondant with brown gel food coloring to give it an authentic wooden look.

To add a little more color I coordinated the colors of the cupcake liners to the “paint blob.” The most important thing I’ve learned in cake decorating is that sometimes the smallest details can make a big impact!

These cupcakes were a sweet, colorful and easy way to celebrate Rob’s day!


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