Cakes That Look Like Other Things


For my dad’s birthday I wanted to make him something that he would love but I thought it would be too difficult to make myself out of cake. So, I opted for his next favorite thing, aside from my siblings and me (but mainly me), which is his passion for fishing.

I made this cake with lemon sponge and marzipan. The natural color of the marzipan is similar to that of striped bass so I only needed to add a bit of coloring for details. To create the gill-like texture I used a teaspoon and pressed down. Marzipan has a texture very similar to that of Play-Doh so it is really easy to make impressions in it. I used a sparkly silver gel food color (it was from a Disney Princess cupcake decorating package, tee hee) that I spread all over to give it a “fresh from the sea” shine that looked pretty realistic! As a finishing touch, I put some tackle near the fish’s mouth.

Clearly, everybody enjoyed eating it as much as they did looking at it!


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